Black German Shepherds 

I would like to start out by telling you a little bit about us. It all started when I was a baby about 45 years ago my father was a K9 Police officer and his partners name was Rip a beautiful black and tan GSD.   As I grew up and my father retired from the police department.  We always had GSD as family pets. In the mid 70s my dad bought us our first solid Black GSD.  We named him Ruddy he was the smartest dog I could ever remember.  Shortly after, I bought another Solid Black Male and named him Gunner.  Since my father was retired he was able to teach me how to train breed and stud out our GSD's. While I was still in school he suggested that I place an add for stud service for Ruddy and Gunner.   I did and was able to make a little bit of money in addition to pick of the litters.
A few years later I was on the hunt for the best solid black female and black and tan female I could find, I was not looking for a big bone American GSD.   In my research I was finding that the GSD imported directly from German. The Gsd's were of a more natural size and closer to breed standards and therefore had less hip and general health problems.  That's what we strive to breed. So I had one dog shipped in from Germany Shotzi and the other from Slovakia Dutches by this time Ruddy and Gunner were retired. Now I needed to find 2 stud dogs I got word from my contacts that someone just paid over $15,000 US dollars for a dog that had great working lines and was progressing through schutzhund rapidly so I took a three hour drive and he was the one I wanted to breed to Shotzi.  the perfect match,  now I had to find a stud for Dutchess my solid Black this was a no brainer so I went straight back to Ruddy's lines and found a solid black GSD male. 
This is pretty much how it started. My father has a gift in his ability to train the dogs in obedience and schutzhund.  Senior had good instincts when it came to selecting dogs with good physical traits. I remember being a kid watching him train his dogs in shutzhund and was just amazed. In honor of his dog who passed away many years ago, ntelligence, strength and discipline. Unfortunately Rip has recently passed.  Ghost is noble, strong, fast and very willing to learn he is the perfect home security system. Ghost continues to have extensive training in obedience and attack/security but he is a true family dog that would put his life on the line for anyone in our family. Our dogs always accompany us throughout the day.  All of our dogs hips have been certified as well as Genetic testing for DM all of our Gsd's are Cleared for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). This ensures that your GSD will never have this debilitating Disease .  Pups start there deworming at 2 weeks old and vacination shots at about Six weeks old. .  Each puppy will wear a identifying collar which follows him or her until taken home. Once we have picked out your pup you will receive a written contract for that specific puppy, and it will be reserved for you until the agreed upon pick up time. We do require a deposit to secure a puppy under your name when born. We do take advance deposits for anyone who wants to secure a pup in advance.


"The more I learn about people the more I like my dog"

Mark Twai