Black German Shepherds 

All of our dogs hips have been certified as well as Genetic testing for DM all of our Gsd's are Cleared for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). This ensures that your GSD will never suffer from this debilitating Disease .  Pups start there deworming at 2 weeks old and vacination shots at Six weeks old as well as Microchipping. Each puppy will wear a identifying collar which follows him or her until taken home. Once we have picked out your pup you will receive a written contract for that specific puppy and it will be reserved for you until the agreed upon pick up time. We do require a deposit to secure a puppy under your name when born. We do take advance deposits for anyone who wants to secure a pup in advance.

All pups are registered with the AKC.

We do not sell our pups for breeding. 

Call for any questions or to set up a time to come see the pups when ready.

Changes to contract can be made for date of pick up.  Just call and we can discuss your situation.


Sales Contract

Whereas, Tom Cleary hereinafter called the “Seller” is the owner of a German Shepherd dog described below, and entered into the Sales Contract with the “Buyer” of said German Shepherd:

Date of purchase:              Color: Black   DOB:

Male:__________  Female: ____

Sire: Omen    Dam: Jetta Vom Cleary Haus

Ready Date: 

Deposit: $

Total Sale: $

This is not Pick of the Litter.  This dog is restricted from breeding.


Whereas, Buyer is desirous of purchasing said animal in the consideration of the sum of

$  Plus additional fees if stay is past ready date. Deposit Due is $


1. Said Animal is a purebred dog able to be registered with AKC. Application will be given to buyer.  The said Animal must carry the “Cleary Haus” Kennel name as a suffix or prefix when registered by the Buyer.


2.  All veterinary bills and other expenses incurred are the Buyers responsibilities.


3. Said Animal will have had worming starting at two weeks old and Six week Solo - Jec5.  Buyer is responsible to continue the series of vaccinations needed with their veterinarian. Vaccinations given will be noted on record.


4. Seller is not liable for any health issues the dog may have after transfer.


5. (Buyer) Deposits are non refundable.


6. Pick up date is:   SPECIAL NOTE If for any reason the said dog is not picked up on the said date buyer will forfeit the deposit and the dog will be sold to a new buyer at full price.


7. Seller charges a total of $40.00 a day for any dogs that remain after pickup date.


8. Buyer is aware that the AKC registered German Shepherd dog that the Buyer purchased, may not meet Show quality standards and may have faults. This litter was bred for a family pet or a working dog. This Dog is restricted from breeding.


Buyer__________________________     Date_________________________


Buyer Address:_______________________________________  Phone #_____________


Seller__________________________     Date_________________________