Black German Shepherds 

Ralph M.

Our Dog Jet, from Cleary Haus German Shepherds
Tom and Michelle, We were SO very sorry to hear of Rip's passing. Also, sorry it took me so long to get this to you, but here is our testimony regarding Jet. I've been so busy at work and on the vacation with the family, I haven't had time to get any pictures together, but when I do, I think you will love them. Just so you know, Jet is about 80-85 pounds already, and there is NO fat on him... Here are my comments: We purchased a pure black German Shepherd Dog from Cleary Haus German Shepherds in October of last year, and couldn’t be happier. Our dog, Jet, is healthy, has a wonderful temperament, and is extremely intelligent. He is a great family pet, and is wonderful with our kids, ages 18, 14, and 11, as well as with our older dog who is 13. He strikes a great balance between being protective of our family, and friendly with those who visit our house, once he meets them and we allow them in. He is already 80+ pounds, but is still as playful as a puppy. He has a great ball-drive, and loves to chase a red laser dot all around the house, and in the back yard in the evenings. Even though our dog was purchased as a pet, having been a police officer for more than 33 years and having lived in a household with canine dogs in the past, I’m sure that our dog, Jet, would have made an EXCELLENT working dog, if that had been what we had needed. I have recommended Clearly Haus German Shepherds to everyone who has commented on what a beautiful dog Jet is, and will continue to do so. Ralph M Edgewater, Maryland 


Just a quick thanks from all of us. We could not be any happier with our girl we named her Fraya.  She is everything We wanted in a GSD and more, you were right she has a very good bite. sorry to hear about Rip.

Matt & Jen

Attn: Tom

This is Jimmy from South Carolina I just wanted to touch base and tell you Moose is doing great he is very healthy and very sociable he is fantastic around my children and doing well in training he will go for his first title in 4 months he's a great

partner and truly enjoy training with him. Thanks from MN

 Tom this is Tom just want to let you know Raid is doing great. He is one hell of a working dog and lives up to his name thanks for all your help tell your Dad I said hi. Forgot to mention Raid has fantastic prey drive lol.  Great partner.

Thanks from New Jersey

 Mr. Cleary 

Thank you so much for guiding us in the right direction.  We named our GSD Trix she is doing fantastic on our search and rescue team. Being in up State N.Y. She loves the cold weather and i am amazed with her intelligence and drive. I need to call you about a referral I have for you in reference to a team in Maine. let me know when a good time to call.

Thanks for all you have done.

Some pictures from new owners.